Saturday, December 20, 2014

12/18 &12/19

To start at the beginning, Jeni had a very bad fall in the garage at our house in the afternoon on 12/18. While the accident was very bad, it could have been much worse and we know so many things that could have gone wrong, were amazingly avoided. We also were incredibly fortunate to have the swift assistance of a UPS delivery driver ( We will hopefully be able to share about him later), but he was truly in the right place at the right time.

We were sent to St. Alphonsus due to the nature of her injuries and they swiftly began extensive X-rays, tests, stitches and all other immediate care items. Our initial nurse was incredibly kind and sympathetic and did everything she could to keep Jeni comfortable until we could be transferred to the ICU. 

We were admitted to the ICU floor in the evening on 12/18, and luckily set off on many doses of heavy painkillers. Surgery and follow up items were discussed for the next day and luckily the nurses were able to get Jeni comfortable enough to sleep a good portion of the night.

We received some updates on her injuries: a large cut on her head (luckily no brain damage,issues or swelling), a severely fractured lower leg, multiple breaks in her pelvis and a chipped/fractured shoulder. Finding comfortable positions was certainly an issue!

Later that evening one of our main doctors/surgeons called to let us know that they would be operating on Jeni's leg in the morning.

In the morning on 12/19 Jeni was taken to surgery prep and underwent a 1-1.5 hour surgery to piece together her fibula and tibia that had taken the brunt of the fall and were in many pieces. A steel rod was inserted to stabilize and align the bones and overall the surgeon was please with the outcome.

Most of the day was taken up with managing pain, sleeping and being poked and prodded once we were released from surgery and taken back to ICU. 

The best news came in the evening after more X-rays and CT scan, we had been cleared for clear liquids (Jeni was thrilled! She thought we'd taken her out to the Sahara Desert!) and a visit from the surgeon check in the leg and confirmation of things looking good.

Luckily, one of our best nurses yet was introduced for the night shift and was able to quickly get pain meds, sleep position and other items ironed out so Jen was able to drift to sleep.

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