Monday, December 29, 2014


My hope you all had a very Merry Christmas spending time with family and loved ones. We spent the day marveling at our blessings, and how incredibly grateful we are that Jen is here and surrounded by such a great support network.

As mentioned briefly, Jen was transitioned to a rehabilitation care facility on the 24th. The actual move was very tough and involved a lot of unwanted movement and pain. The staff at Riverview Rehab were great and worked to get her comfortable as quickly as they possibly could. We were truly the talk of the facility that day-- Jen's injuries really know how to cause a stir!

Jen's daughters and grand-kids were in town and we all spent some time together on Christmas opening presents and having the grand-kids show off their new toys. To Jen's delight, there wasn't any PT or OT on Christmas day and it was largely a day of rest and keeping the pain at bay.

On Friday the 26th, PT got her sitting up on the edge of the bed like we had done a few times in St. Als. It was a bit easier (still painful) and she was able to sit for about 10-15 minutes. After PT & OT sessions, there always seems to be a flare up of pain, so we are eagerly awaiting for that to get a bit better so the sessions don't seem so unpleasant.

We had a few rough nights over the weekend and had to do a lot of work in the mornings/early afternoon to re-position and work with the nurses on meds to get the pain under control. During one PT sessions this weekend Jen was able to get helped into a wheel chair and got to get out of bed for the first time since the accident. I am sure it felt good to sit upright and to also get a quick tour of the facility. Being out of bed also meant some clean sheets and a quick sponge bath (with a really neat shower cap that washes and shampoos hair!).

Jen has been eating a bit more each day. She is supposed to consume a higher calorie level to support healing and development of bone growth/rebuild so we are all making sure she eats as much as she can. The pastries seem to be a favorite as Jen has really taken a liking to the pie, cakes and cookies that they bring.

Each day shows very small improvements, and Jen continues to keep her spirits high. She is very realistic that there are days that she will feel good, and days were muscles will be tight and sore and PT may not go as well. She does show a bit more range of motion in PT sessions, and is also being coached on breathing through the pain which seems to be helping with PT sessions.

Visitors are always welcome. Please note that if she is scheduled for PT, the sessions typically do not take too long and you are more than welcome to wait in the lobby or library area near the front doors. The doors are open from 8am-5pm M-F; if you do need the door code or have any questions on good times to visit- please feel free to call or text Andrea at (208)484-3829.

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