Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1/28- A long overdue update

I (Andrea) have been very behind on providing any sort of updates here- so I will quickly re-cap some of the items that have happened since my last post.

Jen's sister was able to fly to Boise to spend a weekend visiting with Jen earlier in January. The trip was fantastic timing, and I know Jackie's presence was so appreciated by Jen. I'll have to get a full update on their visit, but I am sure they enjoyed getting to see each other and I am sure having such a special visitor was a nice change of pace.

PT has been going really well and Jen can not sing the praises of her PT specialists enough. They are really outstanding people and we feel so fortunate to have them involved in her care and rehab. They will certainly be people we add to the list of people we have been so incredibly grateful for.

I had to head back to DC for a bit to catch up on some work items, but Nicole was able to come down from Sun Valley recently, and brought Ava. The grand-kids always bring a smile to Jen's face and Ava got to sit on the bed with "Grams" and show her all around the iPad.

In less positive news, there was an original post-op check-up appointment with the surgeon who did the work on Jen's leg had been scheduled for early January. After some early assessment, it didn't seem feasible to have Jen in a wheelchair for as long as it was going to take to get to the appointment, wait, see the Dr., and transport back. They pushed the appointment back & the rescheduled appointment was this past Thursday. Luckily, the leg is healing well. They were able to remove the staples, take off the soft wrap that had been on since the surgery and give Jen a boot that she can take off (which will be much more convenient). The pelvic fractures are also healing in a positive manner and we will just continue to watch their progress. Unfortunately, the one break that was seemingly the least troublesome, the chip of bone on Jen's shoulder, had turned into a big problem. The bone chip that the dr. was hoping would stay in place had migrated, and traveled toward her neck/back area. Surgery was scheduled for the next day (1/22) and the dr. went in and had to do a pretty aggressive retrieval of the piece of bone, insert a metal plate, and secure the bone to the shoulder region so it could begin to re-heal. The surgery sounded fairly difficult and I think we are lucky that the issue was resolved before it got worse than it already was. A lot of heavy pain medications were needed to get through the following days, but each day seems to be a bit better than the last as far as pain. Overall, it was certainly not what we expected, and Jen was a trooper going in for another surgery and staying positive. We are praying and hoping that is the last of the surgery she will need, and that she can now fully focus on healing!

On a lighter note, Fred took Kimber, the Goldendoodle, down to visit one evening and he noticed that she had herself all tangled up in the metal bars under Jen's bed. After thinking about it, he realized that she was trying to "hide" so that he would leave her with her "mom" overnight. That dog really loves her humans and misses her "mom" being at home with her!

Lastly, I want to continue to thank everyone for your emails, calls, texts, cards, flowers, visits, and kind gestures. The outpouring of love and support has been so amazing and wonderful to witness and I have to just say how Thankful our family is for all of the truly amazing, caring, and loving people that are in all of our lives!

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