Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sense of Humor and Rehab Creativity

The other day Jen asked friend to bring down one of those U-shaped neck pillows that a lot of people use to sleep on planes or in cars. Except...she uses it for her leg that was operated on! It is such a creative use of the pillow to keep her heel from just sitting on the mattress and getting sore. Perhaps she has a retirement career developing devices for people with similar injuries!

We also were laughing at some of the funnier things that have happened and been said at the hospital and over the past few weeks. Jen has still kept her quick sense of humor!

Some of the funnier things we laughed about:

- The chaplain had come by when she was at St. Al's and was an incredibly nice person, but he asked something along the lines of "Do you want to hurt yourself" (which we totally understand the intent behind and are so appreciative of his sincere concern) but while Jen answered in a very polite manner she was thinking "seriously, do you think I want to hurt anymore than I already do buddy?"

- We get some pretty funny statements from her when she was half asleep/dozing or right as the pain killers are taking effect:

  • When Andrea was moving plants around in the room so she could see the flowers people had brought. Jen: "What are you doing with that black furry vest?" Andrea: "What vest?" Jen: "The vest you just put in your purse" Andrea: "Nope, no vest, just an orchid"
  • Nicole was sitting near by as she was drifting to sleep and Jen popped up and told Nicole that she needed to remember to take down her school Christmas decorations. (Clearly retirement is still sinking in :) )
  • Fred and Andrea were visiting one night and got a very insightful statement from Jen on how children needs rulers and to learn the metric system to be successful in math. (once a teacher...always a teacher)
Recounting the stories gave Jen a good laugh!

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