Monday, January 5, 2015


Happy New Year friends and family! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season celebrating with your loved ones.

We continue to see improvements with Jen's recuperation. She had a PT session a few days ago where she sat up on the edge of the bed (assisted) for almost 30 minutes which is almost double the amount of time she has done previously. There has also been improvement with some range of motion in her legs, particularly the right leg (it was the one that had the rod inserted for the broken bones), and the left leg (on the side with the broken pelvis) is also moving a bit better.

The greatest relief if that her pain has been going down incrementally, which is probably due to the healthy process and being on a more consistent intake of pain meds. Jen really enjoys the PT staff at the facility, and they seem to really do a good job of pushing her but also being realistic given the injuries and pain level.

Jen has also said her double vision is getting a bit better (this could mostly be due to the medications but we have been keeping an eye on it) and when she asked us to leave the TV on a crime TV series when we left for the night...we knew it was a good sign.

The dog, Kimber, got to back for another visit last night and both Jen and the dog were very happy to see each other. Kimber has really picked up on the fact that she has to be gentle when we visits and gives Jen some very sweet puppy kisses. Improvements seem to come slow and steady and Jen's spirits remain high.

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