Thursday, January 8, 2015

She Got Wheels

Earlier this week, I was working and received a text message from Jen (first I was confused since she hasn't been using her phone much), but quickly got really excited.

She has wheels! Or is on wheels!

Her therapist was so sweet, and once they got her situated quick said "let me take a picture so you can send it to your daughters!"

She had been in a wheelchair a while ago, but it was a pretty unpleasant experience and about 10-15 minutes of sitting was more than she could handle. Her PT specialists got her sitting and rolled her around for almost three hours the past few days.

Sitting up is such a huge step and will help us preserve Jen's equilibrium that can get out of balance when you lie down a lot, prevent bed sores, and hopefully help with some of the double vision issues. This also means we are closer to bathroom visits, doctor visits and just being more mobile overall.

It was really great to see how excited Jen was about this big step, and while it made her a bit sore for the next day of PT, she can see and feel the improvements her body and therapy is making. She raves about her PT people- and we agree that they seem to be incredibly knowledgeable and supportive.

I also arrived earlier this week to find that one of the nurses had helped Jen into some of her favorite pajamas, which had to feel good to have "real people" clothes on. The nurse was also sweet enough to braid her hair to keep it out of her face after a bed bath. Overall, the staff has been so fantastic and we are so grateful that we knows she is in good hands.

We also have won over many of the CNA's with Kimber, who goes to visit her mom as much as possible. Kimber also lucks out and gets to eat the cores of Jen's apples and odds and ends of breadsticks that come with dinner #spoileddog.

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